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Our Sessions – What to Expect

It can be a bit daunting leaving your child for the first time in the care of someone else so we try to provide as much detail as possible for you about what will happen when they are with us. The following sections tell you about each of the different parts of our sessions.

The general structure of the session is as follows:

Whole Group ‘Hello Song’ and counting

We feel t is important to get the children together at the start of every session and greet their friends. We sing our ‘Hello song’. Words can be found in our songs section. We sing and do actions to the song to encourage all children to join in.

We then ask a child to help us to count the children in the group. This ensures the children are familiar with the use of numbers in an every day setting. We encourage the children to join in with the counting. It also ensures that the staff are aware of how many children are in the session for security purposes. We also complete a register with the times each staff member and child come in and this is completed as the children leave to ensure the safety of our children.

Free Play

During this time the children are able to access our activities and resources both indoors and outdoors. The staff plan theses activities and resources very carefully and often they are developed from the preferences and interest of the children. Although we put resources out there are always many resources available for the children to select from and choose what they want to play.

Staff are there to support the children’s play and help to enhance it by suggesting new ideas, providing resources requested by the children or just playing alongside them which is one of the biggest and most important part of the staff roles.

We have planned activities which are directed at certain children or groups of children. These activities could be linked to a specific interest or perhaps an area where the children need some more practice. Normally we have a planned activity going on inside and outside each week, although often you will not notice that it is happening as it will just look like play.

Snack Time (rolling snack)

For snack time the children are invited to access the snack area independently. They are reminded to wash their hands poor to finding their photograph on the shelves. They pot their photo into the snack box and then take their snack bowl from the shelf. They then sit at the table to eat their fruit. We only allow 2 children to be at the snack area at any one time.  A member of staff then provides each child a drink. This is not done independently as we have some children with dairy intolerances and they need their own milk or water. To ensure this happens staff hand out the drinks. The children are all offered a healthy snack (with the occasional treat) and either milk or water to drink. This is all included in the cost of the session.

Snack time gives us the opportunity to talk to the children about healthy eating and being healthy. We also encourage the children to use good manners saying please and thank you. We support the children’s independence by getting them to access snack when they would like and as independently as possible but a member roof staff is always available to support where necessary.

Group Time

At the end of the session the children are encouraged to help tidy up and then they all sit together on the carpet. We share a story or have  discussion about our topic normally but this can change and we do sometimes undertake a little activity or game. These are all very short and age appropriate but help to prepare children for group time at nursery and school.

Whole Group Singing

Singing is a massive part of Little Stars. We understand the importance of singing and how much it can impact on all areas of learning especially communication and language. We sing songs that the children are familiar with and often ask them to choose a song. We sometimes miss words out for them to fill in or sing the words wrong to see if they guess the mistake. We love action songs and number rhymes too as it really helps to get the children involved.

A selection of the sons that we sing can be found in our ‘Songs’ section.

Home Time

All children are given a sticker and we sometimes also give out certificates for those children who have made a special achievement during the session. All pictures will e left in the take home tray outside of the room. This is emptied every Friday so please remember to check for any pictures.   A member of staff will open the door for parents and remain there to ensure the children stay safe and nobody leaves without an adult. This is when the children are very keen to share with you their achievements of the day and show you their pictures so please take the time to greet them and hear about the fun they have had.

If you want to come and have a look at the photographs around the setting or speak to your child’s key worker now is the best time to do this. Staff will pass on any information which they feel is relevant too.